Little Bird Music Together

“[Our son's] vocabulary and comprehension skills have greatly benefited from these classes.”

I can't say enough good things about Miss Janna and the Little Bird Music Together program. My son, John, has now attended two sessions, and can't wait to "go play music with Miss Janna." Her encouraging and knowledgeable teaching style makes every child and parent in the class feel like a musician, even for those of us who didn't realize we could carry a tune or follow the beat of a song... Even though he's not quite 2 years-old, my husband and I can both tell that [our son's] vocabulary and comprehension skills have greatly benefited from these classes, and we have loved watching and listening to him break out into spontaneous song or dance.

Carolyn McGaughey

“We look forward to music class each semester and each week!”

Our weekly Little Bird Music Together class gives my family quality time together where we are focusing only on each other and our friends in our music class... I have no doubt that these Music Together classes have helped [my kids] learn new motor skills, expanded their brain connections across the board, and helped us as parents focus on and interact with our children's interests.  We expanded upon the music class so now after each music class, we take a lunch and go on a family outing together before afternoon naps.  It makes for a wonderful day each week and is relaxing for all of us.  We highly recommend Little Bird Music Together to our friends, family and community!

— Galaxia and Nate

My family absolutely loves it!

I love seeing my littles so happy, singing and participating.  It’s an extremely safe place to explore music.  This is our 4th session with Music Together and it won’t be our last!!! My children have a true sense of accomplishment when they know the words to the songs!  They also really like the teacher and are always excited to go to class.  I think this class has made them more musically outgoing.  We listen to the CD in the car and I feel like there is nothing but positive energy revolving around this class. Just this evening my 1 year old was having a meltdown so I put her on my lap in the middle of the kitchen and sang a song from class.  The song even drew my 3 year old away from whatever he was doing to come in and join us.  That one song restored the peace.  Priceless!  The classes are wonderful and so heartfelt, but it really is how you apply it to your life and tonight for me is the perfect example of why I think Music Together is such an amazing program!! I personally feel if you are on the fence about trying this class you won’t be disappointed!  It’s well worth the time and money.  My family absolutely loves it!

— Laurel

Music Together is a fun, relaxed way not just for the kids but also for the parents to gain confidence around music.

I love coming to Janna's classes because they are unlike any of our other activities during the week. I love to watch E develop new skills, interact with other kiddos, and gain a level of comfort around music that I never had growing up. I also love singing, drumming, dancing and sometimes just being silly in class. I never thought I had any musical aptitude, but the urge to make music has been there regardless since day one of being a mom. Music Together is a fun, relaxed way not just for the kids but also for the parents to gain confidence around music. When we started coming to class, E was generally shy and reserved, though always excited when Janna brought the instruments and other noise makers and props into the circle. Since then, she has become much more at ease (and often exuberant!) in class and in group situations in general. She loves to clap along and follow all the gestures that go with each song. She adores Janna, always wanting to help her clean up, carry baskets, and strum the guitar at the end of each session. At home she has started singing more with us (and sometimes just wants to sing by herself..."no mama sing!") and experimenting with the few instruments we have around the house. We both look forward to class every week! When my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and nephew were visiting from France, Janna kindly let them all join our Wednesday class. They had a blast and were very impressed with the method of teaching and all the fun things we did together while making music.

— Rebecca

It's so much fun!

[Your classes give me the] opportunity to spend focused time with my son learning music and singing and dancing. It's so much fun! You learn to let go of any inhibitions and just have a good time interacting with your child. He absolutely loves music class and attending has helped his love of music grow. He sings and pretends to play instruments all the time. It's one of his favorite things to do. When [my family] can all attend together, it is a really special time. We learn how to incorporate music into our home and we love how the Music Together program really fits with the seasons.

— Alison

I love music, and I think this class helps me and my husband share our love of music with our little one.

As a mother, I think that music education is one of the most foundational and critical areas for my children to be exposed to and appreciate. I love the classes because they are based on sound pedagogical research, but they are presented in a fun, approachable way. I love that the courses are semester-based, and that we get a music book, CDs and online extension activities to further reinforce what we learn in class. I love music, and I think this class helps me and my husband share our love of music with our little one. The Music Together curriculum is specifically designed to introduce our little one to music, musical concepts and movement in a fun environment. Not only is she exposed to music from different cultures and languages, she also is given the opportunity to learn many of the standard traditional songs that we remember from our childhood. She has learned so much, from playing with the musical instruments, to learning simple and fun dance steps. She loves interacting with the other students in her class - she even took her first steps in class, after seeing another toddler walk! Every time we pop in the Music Together CDs from the latest semester curriculum, she immediately recognizes it and starts moving to the beat. We've even caught her singing in the car to the CD - and she's only 18 months old! We love coming to the LBMT classes as a family - it not only gives us an hour of time together in a fun, relaxed environment but it also shows our little one that music education is important. We aren't great singers, but we appreciate how you make us feel comfortable singing and dancing in the class and as a result, we're setting a great example for our little one. If mommy and daddy are singing, dancing and playing instruments, then surely baby should and can too!

— Marisa